Ignite Mission

Aidan Pidgeon

Co-Director of LMU Special Games 2023

LMU political science major Aidan Pidgeon smiling and pointing at the camera on a blue background.

In everything he does, political science major Aidan Pidgeon ’24 embodies the philosophy of servant leadership. As the president of the Crimson Circle service organization, he inspires students to give back to the community – most recently as the co-director of LMU Special Games, a beloved event that unites the disability community through days of activities on campus. It began in 1977 and was held every year until the pandemic. Reviving the tradition was challenging — but worth the work.

“Special Games brings everyone together, and I don’t think there are many college events like that,” he said. “For many volunteers and participants, it’s the highlight of their year. Its history and impact are powerful.”

Pidgeon has career aspirations in environmental policy. He developed his interest in policy interning for his local member of Congress and deepened his experience interning at OneUp Action, an organization that helps marginalized youth advocate for the environment. Though he doesn’t know yet where his career will take him, he knows this: “Servant leadership will guide me with whatever I choose to do.”