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Cropped photo of LMU graduate Noah Kim, class of 2024, smiling on a white background.

Noah Kim

Sustainable Storyteller

Full body photo of Lynn Mwongela smiling at the camera with her braids in motion around her head, in a black shirt, white jeans, and black and white cardigan, on a blue background.

Lynn Mwongela

President, LMU Accounting Society

Fulbright scholar and LMU associate professor of English Julia Lee with hands on hips, smiling on a white background.

Julia Lee

Associate Professor and Memoirist

Cropped photo of LMU Entrepreneurship major Elias Herrera jumping in the air and pointing at the camera while smiling on a blue background.

Elias Herrera

Social Entrepreneur

Cropped portrait of Loyola Marymount University graduate and photographer Trevor Jackson looking to the right and smiling on a white background

Trevor Jackson

Visual Artist

Cropped portrait of LMU student Simret Habte in a red sweater, smiling at the camera while holding a necklace, on a blue background.

Simret Habte

Voyager Scholar for Public Service

Close-up portrait of LMU provost for LMU Global-Local Affairs, Roberta Espinoza, in a black suit with red accents, smiling at the camera, on a white background.

Roberta Espinoza

Vice Provost for Global-Local Affairs

Full body portrait of Father Eddie Siebert in a formal black suit and collar on a blue background.

Eddie Siebert, S.J.

Founder of Loyola Productions

Close up portrait of LMU graduate Lexie Pineda-Soto looking directly at the camera with glasses and her right hand held up with index finger pointing up on a white background

Lexie Pineda-Soto

First-To-Go Program Coordinator

Full body portrait of Filmmaker and LMU graduate Rebecca Murga in a fedora and blazer, smiling at the camera with hands out like she's about to grab something, on a blue background.

Rebecca Murga

Veteran and Filmmaker

Cropped portrait of LMU Outdoor Adventure and Recreation program student leader Emilie Coon in a sweater vest and hands in pockets, looking to the right and smiling on a white background.

Emilie Coon

Research Assistant and Surfer

Cropped photo of LMU political science major Aidan Pidgeon smiling and pointing at the camera on a blue background.

Aidan Pidgeon

Co-Director of LMU Special Games 2023

Close up portrait of Justin Winters in a black shirt and vest with his arms crossed, smiling at the camera, with a white background

Justin Trevor Winters

Screenwriter and Futurist

Cropped portrait of screenwriter and LMU faculty member Michelle Amor Gillie with her braids piled on her head in a bun, black blouse, with hands on her hips on a blue background.

Michelle Amor Gillie

Screenwriter and Faculty

Cropped portrait of LMU business major Riley Lewis in a Lions ballcap, blue polo, holding a golf club in his right hand against his shoulder, with a golf glove on his left hand, on a white background

Riley Lewis

Champion Golfer

Cropped photo of LMU Law School professor Laurie Levenson smiling at the camera with her right hand held in a peace sign, her other hand on her hip, on a blue background.

Laurie Levenson

Founder, Loyola Project for the Innocent

Full body photo of Yurie Blons in a shirt dress and sneakers with arms crossed, on a white background

Yurie Blons

Student, Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic

Cropped portrait of LMU associate professor Shaun Anderson grinning at the camera in a blue sweater, with his left hand pointing at the camera on a blue background

Shaun Anderson

Author, “The Black Athlete Revolt”

Cropped photo of LMU biology student Claribel Alcantar with her arms crossed, looking to the left and smiling on a white background.

Claribel Alcantar

STEM Trailblazer

Close portrait of Neel Agrawal in a red shirt, looking off in the distance with a hand on his chin and other hand supporting his elbow

Neel Agrawal

Inclusive Archivist

Cropped close up portrait of Jason D'Mello smiling, in a dark blue suit on a white background

Jason D’Mello

Associate Professor and Entrepreneur

Close up portrait of LMU’s Center for Equity for English Learners director, Magaly Lavadenz, in a polka dot shirt with her arms crossed, smiling at the camera on a blue background.

Magaly Lavadenz

Founder, LMU Center for Equity for English Learners

A full-body photo of LMU Theological Studies graduate student Sister Trish Doan, C.S.J. in a dark dress and black cardigan, with arms crossed, on a white background

Sr. Trish Doan

Vietnamese Community Leader

Close up portrait of LMU beach volleyball coach John Mayer with arms crossed on a blue background, wearing an LMU Beach Volleyball shirt.

John Mayer

Head Coach, Women’s Beach Volleyball

LMU Assistant Professor of Physics Emily Hawkins standing with hands on hips on a white background.

Emily Hawkins

Planetary Physicist

Cropped portrait of LMU student Cole Ichikawa in a Hawaiian print shirt, smiling with his right hand held in the shaka sign on a blue background

Cole Ichikawa

Former President, Nā Kōlea Hawaii Club

Demian Willette