Ignite Mission

Yurie Blons

Student, Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic

Full body photo of Yurie Blons in a shirt dress and sneakers with arms crossed, on a blue background


Yurie Blons, J.D. ’23, is on a personal mission. Formerly undocumented herself for more than 20 years, she channels her own experience to advocate for her clients at the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic (LIJC).

“Social justice is what drove me to law school, and I chose LMU Loyola Law School (LLS) because of its justice clinic,” Blons says. She quickly immersed herself in the life-changing work of LIJC, a hands-on community of attorneys, professors, and students bound together by their passion for helping others. “What I loved most about LLS was its community. The mentorship and interest in our lives were incredible … I just don’t think that kind of relationship-building happens at every law school.”

Blons understands firsthand the unique challenges facing the individuals she meets in the clinic — refugees, asylum seekers and DACA recipients. And while her long-term goal is to be an immigration attorney, she also has her eye on legislation. “It would be amazing to develop policies,” she says. “I see it as another pathway to making huge impacts.”