Ignite Impact

Noah Kim

Sustainable Storyteller

LMU graduate Noah Kim, class of 2024.

Noah Kim ’24 believes in the power of storytelling. A double major in screenwriting and environmental studies, Kim channels his craft to tell compelling stories about climate change – and inspire his audience to feel empowered to help reverse or mitigate its impacts.

“Fiction and nonfiction storytelling can help people better understand and be less intimidated to confront the climate crisis,” he says. “If we approach these global, seemingly insurmountable issues from an empathetic place – through story – we will empower people to become more proactive climate citizens.”

Kim was recently awarded a Udall Foundation scholarship recognizing students making a difference in environmentalism and acknowledging his leadership, public service, and commitment to environmental issues. As part of the scholarship program, Kim attended a weeklong orientation with access to professional development opportunities. But the work didn’t end there. “I hope my new friendships with Udall scholars and alumni will help us produce our best work,” Kim shared. “In my case, I want to learn how to highlight their work in different media forms like documentaries or narratives.”