Ignite Mission

Sr. Trish Doan

Vietnamese Community Leader

A full-body photo of LMU Theological Studies graduate student Sister Trish Doan, C.S.J. in a dark dress and black cardigan, with arms crossed, on a blue background.

Sister Trish Doan, C.S.J., chose LMU for its beautiful campus and Catholic identity. She was particularly attracted to the Theological Studies graduate program, where she is currently studying.

“The program is open to students from different faith traditions and diverse backgrounds who are currently in ministry,” she says. “It offers a safe space where students are encouraged to share and engage in critical reflection on God, humanity, and the world.”

Sister Trish is applying her learnings at the Catholic Charities of Orange, where she serves Southern California’s Vietnamese community – the largest outside of Vietnam. “I meet with priests, Buddhist monks and nuns, and other indigenous religious leaders to learn the needs of their communities, identify opportunities for programs and services, and participate in different outreach events,” she explains. “I’m also helping build a Vietnamese-speaking team to meet community needs.”

After graduation, Sister Trish plans to continue her ministry to empower the community to build connections to their religious heritage and cultivate an awareness of God’s presence. “My ministry inspires me to be a contemplative listener to everyone. When I do that, I can meet their needs without judgment.”