Ignite Impact

Riley Lewis

Champion Golfer

Portrait of LMU business major Riley Lewis in a Lions ballcap, blue polo, holding a golf club in his right hand against his shoulder, with a golf glove on his left hand.

Ever since Riley Lewis ‘24 could remember, his academic and athletic journeys have always been intertwined – and pursuing his golf career at LMU has been no different. “I love golf, and I love learning,” Lewis said. “I don’t see it as something I ‘have to’ do but rather as an opportunity I ‘get to’ do.”

The business major has made a name for himself as a member of LMU’s golf team, most recently being recognized as an Arthur Ashe Jr. Scholar. He has also made the WCC’s All-Conference team twice, broken multiple college records, and ranked in numerous accolades. Lewis is also active in campus ministry as part of its CLC program.

When he reflects on his success, he credits his circle of mentors, his faith, and his loved ones, noting the discipline that has motivated him since the moment he first picked up a golf club at five years old. “My parents raised us to work hard for what we wanted, which makes it much more rewarding to know that whatever success I have is a direct result of my hard work and help from others.”