Ignite Culture

John Mayer

Head Coach, Women’s Beach Volleyball

Full body photo of an LMU beach volleyball coach John Mayer in a red LMU Beach Volleyball shirt with hands on hips.

As the beloved leader of LMU’s powerhouse beach volleyball program, Coach John Mayer has guided his athletes to national prominence, finishing as a top-five U.S. team for three consecutive years and securing four WCC championships.

For Mayer, prioritizing learning is critical to the team’s success.

“I’m a learner first – it’s where I start as a person,” he said. “I continuously look to improve and learn what I can. And I ask the same of my staff. We must model that behavior so that each year when we ask our players to join us in our journey, they see that we are committed to that mindset of learning and growth.”

It’s a philosophy that aligns with LMU’s tradition of cultivating curious minds. It’s also foundational to Mayer’s approach to strengthening team culture on and off the court.

“I want to learn who my team is – to build those relationships and trust,” he shared. “The conversation isn’t always about their skill as an athlete but who they are as individuals.”