Ignite Culture

Emilie Coon

Research Assistant and Surfer

Portrait of LMU Outdoor Adventure and Recreation program student leader Emilie Coon in a sweater vest and hands in pockets, looking to the right and smiling on a blue background.

San Diego native Emilie Coon ’24 knows how important it is to prioritize her well-being. As a student leader in LMU’s new Outdoor Adventure and Recreation program, she runs community surf and skate events, introducing her peers to the quintessential Southern California activities. She is also a familiar face at LMU’s Wellness Wednesday, where the entrepreneur showcases and sells her handmade jewelry.

“These wellness and outdoor activities are so important because they allow us to get out of our heads and out of the classroom for a little bit,” she explained. “It’s been a significant part of my LMU experience.”

In the classroom, the psychology major and computer science minor studies neuroscience and artificial intelligence, with an interest in social media data ethics. She is also a research assistant in Professor Timothy Williamson’s psychology lab, where she recruits lab participants using social media marketing, getting a closer look at the platform algorithms she hopes to write one day.

Her field requires discipline and focus, and Coon knows that wellness is integral to her success. “When I make time to relax and regroup, I can be stronger academically and professionally.”