Ignite Innovation

Justin Trevor Winters

Screenwriter and Futurist

Full body portrait of Justin Winters in a close cropped black shirt and pants, with hands in his pockets, smiling on a blue background

To many, the term metaverse is a tech buzzword, but to screenwriter Justin Winters, it’s the future – one he is helping create. Winters knows firsthand the potential of the metaverse, a virtual world where you can see, hear, and touch things. His area of focus is how it converges with the entertainment industry, opening new pathways for storytelling, creative expression, artistic vision, and business.

“The metaverse, as we understand it today, will unleash a world within our world where anything is possible. Whatever you can dream, you can create,” Winters explains. “It will evolve as we get more and more involved, but in a nutshell, it’s really the art of the possible for a community.”

Winters channels that energy into his screenwriting class at LMU School of Film and Television, where he shares industry insights and helps students hone their writing skills. He is also the CEO of Verified Labs, a virtual production studio. When applying his experience to the classroom, he reminds students of the key ingredient to their future success: passion.

“A successful screenwriting career is about much more than mastering your craft,” he says. “You need passion to make it in Hollywood and not just for the silver screen … but for every aspect of screenwriting.”