Ignite Impact

Trevor Jackson

Visual Artist

Loyola Marymount University graduate and photographer Trevor Jackson with hands in his pockets, looking to the right and smiling.

For Trevor Jackson ’23, Los Angeles is more than his hometown – it’s a trove of stories waiting to be unearthed. The studio arts major learned the power of photography at a young age from his grandparents and mother, who traveled the world and shared their experiences through the images they captured. Jackson harnessed that inspiration to chart his path as a photojournalist, documenting pivotal moments like the Black Lives Matter movement, which catapulted his photography career.

“I started taking photos because I felt like I was in a place where my perspective didn’t matter, and through photography, I could make something beautiful and highlight my perspective,” Jackson says.

His work has been featured in outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, PBS NewsHour, and KCET. For his work, he has earned a Golden Mic Award, a Los Angeles Press Club Award, and a Los Angeles Area Emmy. Jackson seeks to amplify the stories surrounding him, and it’s no surprise his work is gaining traction in the city.

“I want an image to tell a story without needing context,” he says. “There’s so much going on in daily life – I want to add my perspective and create conversations on issues that are important to me.”