Ignite Equity

Shaun Anderson

Author, “The Black Athlete Revolt”

LMU associate professor Shaun Anderson grinning at the camera in a blue sweater, with his left hand pointing at the camera

Shaun Anderson believes in the power of sport to unify, inspire, and uplift.

An associate professor in the LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts, he specializes in organizational communications and examines how sport intersects business, politics, and society. “I want to help the world see how sport can be used for positive social change and guide learners to be social change agents,” he explained.

His latest book, “The Black Athlete Revolt,” explores the rise of Black athletes using their platforms to advocate for social justice. “I want people to know that while sports are entertaining, they also provide an avenue of discussion regarding race relations, social change, and basic human rights.”

In addition to aligning with LMU’s longstanding commitment to DEI and social justice, Anderson’s professional work is inspired by the landscape that surrounds him.

“LMU is at the heart of Silicon Beach, soon-to-be two professional sports arenas, and walking distance to the ocean. It has quickly become an institution that I call ‘The Cradle of West Coast Innovation.’ Don’t forget who coined the term!”