Ignite Impact

Roberta Espinoza

Vice Provost for Global-Local Affairs

Full body portrait of LMU provost for LMU Global-Local Affairs, Roberta Espinoza, in a black suit jacket with red accents, red dress, and black boots, holding her jacket lapels and smiling at the camera

With over 15 years in higher education, Roberta Espinoza helps cultivate a globally imaginative campus as vice provost for LMU Global-Local Affairs. In her role, she enhances learning experiences domestically and abroad through meaningful programming, strategic partnerships and local outreach, and facilitating international enrichment opportunities. She also serves as a professor of sociology at LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts.

But her expertise extends beyond her illustrious career. Espinoza was a first-generation Latinx student – and knows firsthand how her experience brings a unique perspective to her role.

“As a first-generation college student, my journey was about the acquisition of knowledge and awakening to the vast complexities and interdependencies of our global community.” Espinoza shared. “This unique perspective instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility, resilience, and understanding that underpins my experience in global-local affairs.”

Espinoza will take the global stage in France as a recipient of the upcoming Fulbright International Education Administrator Award, 2023-24, engaging with peer administrators to learn about France’s higher education and research system.